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  • #lovebravoo contest

    #lovebravoo contest

    Upload 1 video love theme with hashtag #lovebravoo ! Video most view will get free verification Badge ! Join now ( Contest will end 30 April. We consider just 1 video for each partecipant )

  • Gianluca De Bortoli CEO of Bravoo

    Gianluca De Bortoli CEO of Bravoo

    Hello! My name is Gianluca De Bortoli,I am an Italian Developer, CEO of Bravoo. Thank you all to enjoy my app!my promise it will be more and more nicer day by day. Everyone is welcome here from all around the world! Enjoy your time! I am Really grateful you are on here with us!

  • Add Location on Your videos

    Add Location on Your videos

    On Bravoo you can add the location of your videos. The videos will also be collected by location, creating new circles of friends around you

  • #Dance Challenge

    #Dance Challenge

    Partecipate to the #dancechallenge ! video most vieved and rated will be popular and viralize in our app , and profile verified

  • Bravoo and GeoLocalization

    Bravoo and GeoLocalization

    We already translated Bravoo in 27 different languages. We want a global app all over the world, and everyone is welcome !

  • Enzo Salvi

    Enzo Salvi

    Please Welcome to Enzo Salvi , registered users on Bravoo. Enzo Salvi is one of the most important and popular actors in Italy.